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travel sustainably

 “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”
            – anonymous
Why travel sustainably?

We love to travel! From the excitement of exploring and discovering something new, the friends we could meet along the way, the new experiences it allows us to have and the lifetime memories it creates, travel is something we feel everyone should experience!

It’s important that we understand how our travel choices impact on the destinations we visit to ensure we contribute positively to those regions and thus ensure they can be enjoyed by travellers into the future.

How can I be a conscious traveller?

Being a ‘green traveller’ doesn’t need to be difficult.  There are some simple steps you can take to keep your holiday’s impacts as light as possible.

  • Choose an eco-conscious provider. When researching your holiday, look for providers that mention how they reduce and manage their environmental impacts.  EcoTourism Australia has made it easy with their Green Travel Guide. 

  • Choose to use public transport when exploring if you can. It’s usually cheaper than renting a car or hiring an uber and it’s also a great way to experience the region like a local.  You may even meet some onboard and get a few locals tips on where to visit and what to do! The Sunshine Coast has a great bus network and Con-X-ions can offer airport transfers.

  • Choose to offset your travel emissions. Many companies provide the option to offset your carbon emissions for an additional small cost, the proceeds of which go into programs which help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • Staying in a hotel? Consider whether you need new towels and linen every day. Reducing this can equate to huge savings in water use and carbon emissions.

  • Be conscious of single-use items such as plastics and disposables when eating and drinking.  Instead of choosing takeaway, which often means a lot of plastic and disposables, why not sit in and enjoy; you’re on holidays after all!  Love a caffeine hit during the day? Pop a keep-cup in your day bag, there are even some great collapsible styles if you’re light on space. Instead of buying water bottles, carry a refillable one.  The Sunshine Coast has numerous filling stations where you can top up your bottle through the day. Ask yourself, do I need a straw? Collectively, these small choices add up to make a huge difference.  Plastic Free Noosa can help you find an eco-friendly provider too.

  • Be mindful of pollutants. Did you know sunscreen needs around 15 minutes to be fully absorbed by your skin? Before this, the excess can wash off and enter the waterways when swimming. Allowing time for the sunscreen to absorb not only helps protect your skin, but it also helps protect waterways, such as Lake McKenzie, from becoming contaminated.

  • Try visiting the local farmers market.  You’ll get a taste of life as a local, be able to pick up some fruit and get to try produce from the surrounding region.  Noosa has a great farmers market on Sunday mornings.


How does Dingos K'gari (Fraser Island) manage and minimise its impacts?

We believe in a healthy and sustainable tourism industry and recognise that the decisions we make now will carve our path into the future.

  • We strive to provide meals and snacks on our tours which produce minimal waste and avoid the use of plastic wherever possible.

  • Carbon emissions tracking on all our business vehicles.

  • Currently investigating water tank options for our main office to capture rainwater for reuse through the office.

  • Investigating solar installation to supply our main office with renewable energy.

  • Ongoing review of business practices to ensure we are continually improving and adopting the best practices currently available.

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