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  • Where can I park my car / campervan while on tour?
    You've got some options here! Rainbow Beach is a small coastal town - with plenty of safe, free parking on the main street and side streets near our departure location. There is also a car park on Spectrum Street - opposite Freedom Rainbow Beach Hostel which is metered and requires paid parking. Unfortunately, unless you are a guests staying at Freedom Rainbow Beach, they do not offer free parking for any vehicles, including campervans. 😊🚗
  • What is a Tag Along style tour?
    🚙💨 Our tag-along style tours put you right in the driver's seat! Trips are led by an experienced lead driver who will drive a lead car for the entirety of the trip, with up to 4 cars following under their supervision and guidance which are driven by eligible passengers. Throughout the tour, your lead driver will teach guests how to safely navigate the islands tracks and beach highway through both demonstration and advice over a 2 way radio. This style of tour allows you to take on the challenge of a 4WD adventure with the help and support of an experienced trip leader. Guest drivers must meet strict eligibility criteria (21+ years of age and with a full manual drivers license for at least 1 year) and all guests must attend our safety briefing prior to departure. 🗺️
  • Where do the tours depart from?
    All K'gari adventures depart from and return to Freedom Hostel Rainbow Beach. You can find the hostel at 20 Spectrum Street, Rainbow Beach.
  • When do the tours depart?
    Departure times do depend on tides and conditions on the island and therefore they may vary. It is very important all guests attend their safety briefing at 7am on the morning of departure to ensure they have correct departure information.
  • When does the tour return?
    Your exact return time depends on tides and conditions on the island and this may vary to ensure maximum time at each location we visit. As a general rule, we advise you will return to Freedom Hostel somewhere between 2pm and 5pm. Please note, we do not recommend the 5pm northbound Greyhound to Airlie Beach. We can't guarantee you'll make it on time, and unfortunately, we can't take responsibility if you miss it. But not to worry, Greyhound has a 7pm service that we highly recommend! It gives you ample time to head back to Rainbow Beach, freshen up with a shower, and gather your things before catching that bus. Much smoother and stress-free! 🚌✨
  • Can we BYO alcohol on tour?
    Due to the nature of our Tag Along style tours, it is our number one priority to keep all passengers safe. Please read the below rules carefully prior to purchasing your alcohol for our tour: ❌ No-Go Zone: No glass 🚫 No hard liquor (bottles of whiskey, vodka, etc.) Goon or boxed wine 🍷 ✅ Yes: Canned Beer 🍻 Canned Cider 🍏 Canned Wine 🍷 Mixed drinks (vodka & soda ect) 🍹
  • Do I have to attend the safety briefing?
    Yes, the safety briefing is required to take part in your Fraser Island tour and is non negotiable. It covers important information on what to expect on the island, including safety and potential emergency situations. This is held at 7am the day of the tour at Freedom Rainbow Beach.
  • What do I need to bring on my K'gari tour?
    🌟 To make the most of your journey, we recommend traveling light. Toss in your essentials—swimwear, towel, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal hygiene products, and comfy clothes & footwear (don't forget a long sleeve for those breezy evenings). We recommend a waterproof or sand-proof bag for your camera/phone in to avoid damage, and a refillable water bottle will keep you hydrated on the go. Remember those $2 coins for hot showers, a travel-sized pillow will add a touch of comfort to your adventure and if you don't have a sleeping bag, we've got you covered. Quick heads-up: big bags can't join the tour, but no worries—we've got free luggage storage at Freedom Rainbow Beach. Just chat with your guide on the morning of the tour. 🌈🎒✨
  • Where can I store my larger bags?
    We offer free luggage storage at Freedom Rainbow Beach for Dingo's customers - please see your guide you at your safety briefing to organise this. If you've got some items you'd rather lock away, we suggest grabbing a locker at Freedom Hostel. All it takes is a small padlock to keep your valuables snug and secure. Easy peasy! 🛅✨
  • Do I need a license to drive on K'gari?
    Absolutely! 🚗 To take the wheel on our adventure, all drivers must be 21 years old with a full manual license, held for at least 1 year. Don't forget to bring that license along with you! If you're jet-setting in from overseas, make sure to pack your international driver's license. Just a heads-up: an international driver's license alone won't cut it – we need the combo with your national license for a smooth journey. If you do not meet these requirements, no worries! You're still more than welcome to join the tour, but the driver's seat will have to wait for next time. Safety first, adventure second!
  • Are the cars manual or automatic?
    The 3 Day Tour features all manual cars, while the 2 Day Tour is in automatic cars.
  • Are these tours camping?
    Both of our tours involve camping in a National Park, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. We want your adventure to be top-notch, so we kindly ask you to think about the accommodation style before booking, making sure it fits your expectations. For both tours, we include basic camping in twin share dome-style tents. It's all about soaking in the great outdoors! 🏕️🔥
  • Will I have to set up tents on the island?
    Absolutely not! We want your island experience to be stress-free, so rest assured, there's no need for you to set up camp. Our campsites are all set up in advance, ready and waiting for you. 🏝️✨
  • Are the campsites powered?
    Absolutely! 🌞 It's crucial to know that our camp sites are powered by a mix of solar and generator magic, which means we've got a limited number of charging spots. Each car comes with a charging cable for phones. Juice up all your gadgets before the tour, and if you've got a charged power bank for your phone or camera, bring it along – it's a game-changer on a remote island! Oh, and a little trick for the road: pop your devices into flight mode before leaving Rainbow Beach to save some power.⚡📱
  • What are the amenities at the campsites?
    Our private camp is packed with everything you need: a fully-equipped kitchen and BBQ area, common area, hot showers (you will need $2 coins to operate), and flushing toilets. We've got all the essentials covered to make your stay as comfortable as can be.
  • Will it be cold?
    Australia might be known for its heat, but here's a friendly heads-up: when winter rolls around, things can get chilly. So, don't forget to pack some warm clothes to keep cozy during those cooler days. We want you to be snug as a bug and enjoy every bit of your adventure! ✨
  • Can I swim in the ocean?
    The ocean surrounding K'gari can be a bit of a daredevil, with strong riptides, sharks, and stingrays making waves. Safety first – it's a no-go for ocean swims on K'gari. But don't worry, we've got you covered with loads of chances to splash around in the lakes and creeks. 🌊
  • Are the dingoes really wild?
    Although we cover this in the safety briefing, the dingoes really are wild and like most wild animals they are best observed from a distance and are not to be interacted with. We recommend all guests familairise themselves with how to be dingo safe, as advised by QLD Parks and Wildlife.
  • Is it dangerous to travel on K'gari?
    Like many remote spots, K'gari comes with its own set of potential challenges. Your safety is our top priority, and we ask all passengers to pay close attention to all safety instructions from our staff at the safety briefing. When it comes to our wild neighbors, most of the time, they'll give you your space if you give them theirs. So, let's respect the local wildlife and enjoy a happy and safe trip! 🐾 🌲
  • Do I need insurance to travel on K'gari?
    All passengers will get an automated email 7 days before the tour kicks off. It's your golden ticket to complete a pre-check-in form and purchase the Optional Vehicle Damage Liability Reduction if you plan on taking the wheel. Optional Vehicle Damage Liability Reduction Options: · No Cover – 100% liability for any damage caused. · Reduce Excess options: $25 to reduce to $1,000 excess or $50 to reduce to $500 excess. As a general rule, if you are wanting to drive on the island, we always recommend purchasing the Vehicle Damage Liability Reduction to cover you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. 🚗
  • Can we have a campfire at night?
    We're one of the rare gems on K'gari where you can cozy up to a nighttime fire. Crackling flames and starry skies are the perfect way to kick off your island adventure!🌙🔥
  • Can my special dietary requirements be catered for?
    Absolutely! 🌱🥑 We've got you covered when it comes to dietary needs – whether you're vegan, gluten-free, have a wheat or nut allergy, we're on it! For those with extra special dietary needs, a chat with our reservations team is the way to go. Please provided all of your dietary requirements at time of booking, or at least 48 hours prior to departure time, so we can arrange adequate catering for your tour. Let's keep those taste buds happy! 🍽️
  • Is medical assistance available on K'gari?
    🌿 Being a remote location, medical assistance and emergency services may take several hours to reach us. Plus, they can come with a hefty price tag. While we've got precautions in place, it is highly recommended all guests have travel insurance to cover you in the event of unforeseen injury or illness. Anyone who has a condition which requires medication, please ensure you take adequate supplies for your trip. Guests who have a condition that may become exasperated while on tour, such as asthma, diabetes or a severe allergy, should notify Dingo's at time of booking and should notify your guide 🚑
  • Can I use a drone on K'gari (Fraser Island)?
    You will need a valid license and the green light from QLD National Parks. Head over to their website for all the nitty-gritty details to ensure a smooth journey.

Have a question that’s not listed here? No problem! Just contact us and we’ll get back to you with the information you need.

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